+ The New Mastersounds

Round-trip bus ride to and from the show, plus you get to hang out with some pretty amazing human beings who like the same music as you do.

TIMES: CLICK “REGISTER” TO VIEW AND SELECT PICK-UP OPTIONS. If there is a time range listed, that means we anticipate multiple buses. We will begin loading the first bus at the earliest time listed and send it as soon as it is full. If you can make it to the location early, please do so, to help us send that first bus as soon as possible. The last time listed is the “last call” time. The last bus will not leave before this time. Note: For efficiency, we may occasionally service multiple pick up locations with one bus. When this happens, we work to make it as quick and seamless as possible for riders from all locations.

RETURN: After the show, buses will hang around for about a half hour after the show ends. We strive to get everyone back home on the buses. If you head directly back to the bus lot you will have plenty of time. If you are lost or worried about missing the bus, please call 844-BUS2SHO x 1 for guidance.

Refund Policy: Chiller than an airline, but definitely no REI.

More than 24 hours prior to scheduled bus departure: 100% refundable. Some events will allow you to automatically process your own refund/cancellation. Otherwise, you must email request to and include first and last name, as well as order or attendee #. If email is sent from same address as used to book, this will make it easier for us to look you up and verify.

Less than 24 hours before scheduled bus departure: Officially non-refundable, however, if we are able to process the request and open up your spot(s) in time for others to have a chance to reserve, then we will refund you 50% of the original amount paid.

After the event: Remember that in a way, what you are purchasing here is more than a bus ride…it’s the opportunity to be a part of a community and an experience, and to grow as a human being. Sometimes this means putting you in situations that cause you to reexamine your basic expectations of what a “bus” even “is,” and what a “ride” can even “be.” Celebrities and millionaires pay very high dollars to be shaken from their day-to-day by an experience that causes them to think, or be resourceful, or draw from some hidden power long forgotten. What was that Michael Douglas movie? The Game? We’re not saying that we have the goal of making you uncomfortable, just that this is an alternative service where some of the true benefits exist beneath the surface. With that said, officially, we only offer refunds if we are unable to provide you with a sober transportation solution of some type. However we are reasonable people, and we have a psychological complex where we need to be loved by every single person who meets us, so occasionally we will go ahead and refund a ride if something is extremely unsatisfactory or embarrassing.

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