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On June 1st, Johnny Draco will be having his first art show in Denver, CO titled “DUE RENT.” This show touches on everyday aspects of life while trying to meet monthly expectations. The show will be from 7pm-10pm at Bait, 1962 Blake St. Suite 100, Denver, CO 80202. We hope to see you there!


Johnny Draco is a self-taught visual artist hailing from Atlanta Georgia who specializes in post-pop art. With bold lines and contrasting colors, Draco’s art acts as conductor of one’s eye and perspective. His work aims to unlock the inner child, and provide the ultimate nostalgia for his viewers as he applies his personal truth “being a child is the purest form of creativity”.

He is currently based in Denver, CO.


Artist Statement:

Art has always been an outlet for the continuous thoughts I regularly have.The goal has never been money, like many of my fellow people, but to be happy. I think back to the happiest times in my life and for most it is their childhood. For me it was those days I spent hours during the summer drawing and painting. Learning and experimenting. I can still remember the feeling and the scent from those Georgia Summers. Children aren’t yet influenced by the world and the troubles it brings. Creativity comes natural and doesn’t make sense, but just flows effortlessly to their various canvas. Being a child is the ultimate form of creativity, which is why I will never grow up in the natural order of this world.

Those norms don’t apply to me. I never want to lose that sense of learning and expressing freely. Living a carefree life with the ones I love has always been the goal. Creating that safe space for people to be themselves and express themselves without judgement. I’ve always been a loner which is why I use wolves as my main characters. The lone wolf has always resonated with me mentally, as well as physically being Black. Wolves have always been portrayed as being bad from all perspectives. Even in children books they are seen as stealing or being a menace to society, but I’ve always seen them as trying to live too. They have to eat just like you.

They haven’t been given that same chance as you, so they have to do whatever is needed. In the beginning art was a very big struggle for me. I started drawing when I was five during the long church service hours on Sundays. I would cry and complain to my mother about not being able to get the drawing right. She would simply reply in the softest regards, “Keep Trying.” Those words of encouragement still resonates with me today. Consistency and resilience. Never giving up and pushing my limits further. In the black community, art isn’t something that is considered a real job. Throughout college I battled with inner demons of what society expects of me, and whatI truly want. Even went as far as trying to join the military, following my fathers footsteps. There were so many instances were I was close to joining the military, police officer, firefighter, security guard, prison guard, or even just working for the government. My inner voice wouldn’t allow me though. It always pressured me to spend countless hours designing and creating, were maybe at that age I should have been out partying, drinking, or even picking up girls. Society had it in my head that I needed to “Be A Man,” and take care of the things I needed regardless of happiness, or dreams.

They would come later on as you worked towards it. After interning at ABV Gallery, I dismissed those social norms and decided to struggle until I found my happiness. There was no real plan. Just to stay consistent, be patient, and polish my craft. People always ask me what does the name Draco come from. Draco was a name given to me awhile ago, but it never really had meaning. Over the years however it started to have meaning to me. Draconian, by definition, means strict and severe. I apply this type Draconian nature to my work ethic. Strict and severe focus on the task at hand. Strict and severe energy to pushing my limits as an artist. Strict and severe dedication in growing and learning as an artist. Johnny Draco.

Email dracodesigns@me.com for additional information.

Get Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/due-rent-tickets-46404771922?aff=es2

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