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RiNo for Rhinos
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Ever notice that the RiNo Art District utilizes the rhinoceros as its logo? So did we! In an effort to connect RiNo lovers with Rhino lovers, we want you to join us for an evening that celebrates the rhinoceros, both as a symbol for RiNo Art and as a species in peril in need of our collective support. Learn about on-the-ground rhinoceros conservation from world renowned conservationist, Matt Lindenberg, who will be sharing his perspective on the life of rhinos, the issues that threaten them, and the people who protect them. Following the keynote speaker, we will celebrate RiNo artists and their talents by featuring their rhinoceros inspired artwork in a silent auction.

In partnership with the RiNo Art District and Global Conservation Corps, the RiNo for Rhinos event will be hosted at the RiNo Made Store in Zeppelin Station, and will feature:

  • Silent auction of rhino inspired artwork by RiNo Artists
  • Keynote Speaker: Matt Lindenberg, Founder of GCC
  • Exclusive screening of an extended trailer of upcoming documentary RHINO MAN™
  • Light snacks, beer and wine by local vendors will be provided

Funds raised from ticket sales and silent auction artwork purchases will go directly towards the initiatives of the Global Conservation Corps. It only takes $30 USD (i.e. you and a friend attending this event) to send a child to the Future Rangers Program to connect with their natural heritage! See more information on GCC’s work below.


Featuring artwork by:

Brendan Clancy (http://bclancyart.weebly.com/), Nina Phillips, Ben Shores (https://benjamin-m-shores.deviantart.com/), Margaret Hunt, and many other fantastic artists!


  • Black Rhinos remaining: 4,700
  • White Rhinos remaining: 19,000
  • Rhinos poached per day: 3+
  • Expected extinction year: 2025

The RiNo Art District is working with the Global Conservation Corps on a fundraising event for their two initiatives, The Future Rangers Program, and the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. This is the first of various collaborations between the RiNo Art District and rhino conservation efforts. During this event, 10% of other RiNo Made Store artwork sales will also go to the cause.

“We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with the Global Conservation Corps on their efforts to save the rhinos! Since the rhinoceros image is part of our district identity, we’ve always wanted to get involved with conservation efforts to save the beloved species.” Says Tracy Weil, Creative Director and Co-Founder of RiNo Art District

When it comes to difficult issues (such as the extinction crisis), art can display emotion in a way that words cannot – we hope to encourage the art and conservation communities to connect across disciplines, as well as to connect the local community here in Denver to the international conservation issue of the rapidly declining rhino population.

To do this, we’ve asked artists to interpret rhinoceros conservation, providing you with the opportunity to bid on and ‘take a rhino home’ in the form of original and beautiful artwork. We want to connect the many passionate people in this community, including you, to create a network of new and experienced artists and conservationists. We would like to foster a connection here in Denver to the pressing issue overseas, and help establish a support network (financial and otherwise) to see the rhino survive in the wild.

This fundraiser will support:

Global Conservation Corps (GCC): http://globalconservationcorps.org/

The initiation of GCC was founded on a belief that the individuals involved in protecting and conserving our environments deserve support, recognition and global backing. GCC has committed itself to creating change with two initiatives – The Future Rangers Program and the Zululand Rhino Orphanage.

“With rhinos and other iconic species being poached at an alarming rate, it is in our hands to turn the tide on this war. It’s quite hard to imagine a South Africa without the wildlife, and it is our duty to protect the future of the wild and the people.” – Matt Lindenberg, GCC Founder

Come enjoy a selection of snacks and drinks from local vendors, and support the passion-driven and difficult work being done on the ground in South Africa to protect this iconic species. A world without rhinos is hard to imagine! If you have any questions, want to chat about the work being done, or are interested in artwork contributions, please visit the GCC website (http://globalconservationcorps.org/), and feel free to contact the organizers of this event, Kristin Memmott (memmott.kristin@gmail.com) and Kate Vannelli (kvannelli@icloud.com).

Get Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rino-for-rhinos-tickets-45208141769?aff=es2

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