Ripe + The Other Black (Free Concert Series)

Ripe + The Other Black (Free Concert Series)
Levitt Pavilion Denver


Ripe + The Other Black


All Ages | General Admission Lawn
Doors at 6:00 PM | Show at 7:00 PM
This event is Rain or Shine.

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Ripe is seven musical soulmates who refuse to believe in a single definition of dance music. They are an unstoppable groove, an extended moment of ecstatic release, the catalyst for taking “just another night” and elevating it into something else entirely. They are the swagger of funk filtered through a rock anthem, a musical journey that somehow gets as stuck in your head as your favorite pop banger. They are the anchors of a rapidly growing community, a series of new friends becoming good friends becoming part of the extended family as their sound spreads and their world deepens. They are here to look at joy with the same depth as most people look at sadness, to find a happiness that is heavier and more meaningful than simply a distraction from the negative. Born all over, formed in Boston, Ripe is ready to bring the whole world to its feet.

The Other Black

The journey begins…

A vast but barren landscape unfolds before us. Hopeless, without direction. Still. Cold. Dormant. In the distance the vague shape of a lone astronaut can be seen. Lost in thought he wanders, seemingly without purpose. Hands in his pockets and head in the infinite mist, he’s shocked as he stumbles away from his reverie and into a glorious mountain range painting the horizon. It is here that he encounters a wily outfit. And it is also here that he is mystified to hear they’ve all met before. So, with no recollection of these individuals, he chooses to enjoy their company for a while and over time…

…he starts to recall……at one point this is was his family….it was his drive to change their collective struggle that separated them for a time……it was his voyages across space and time that left them stranded in this barren landscape……it was his experience with the universe that stole his identity……it was the reminder of One that led him to awaken, aimlessly wandering a barren planet……and it is his reconnection with this family that reunites him with his true purpose.

Now, united once more, Other Black sets out to enlighten, encourage, and empower the universe. It is their dynamic personality and their everlasting drive that brings individuals of all walks to laugh and cry with our band of merry pranksters.

Once again, Hope reemerges for the galaxy…

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